I’m the MovieMan, and welcome to Movies Maketh Man! So what is this place all about? Well, the title of the site is a play on the phrase “Manners maketh man”, which was a phrased originally said by William Horman, headmaster at Eton School in England who also taught at Winchester School in England.

Many movie lovers will know that the phrase was made famous in Kingsmna: The Golden Circle.

You know what? When I initially built this sitw, I wanted it to be about how films impact people and all this deep analysis and stuff. The truth is that I may not have the time for this, so I’ll just be sharing film news, trailers, reviews and thoughts when I like something or hate something; or when a certain subject is on my mind that somehow relates to film, then maybe I’ll talk about it. Let’s see how it goes, okay?

Image by MeganeRid on Deviant Art