Celebrating Christopher Nolan

This week, famed director Christopher Nolan celebrated his 48th birthday. Here are some cool things to note about the director:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey is probably his favourite film (probably – he didn’t list a specific order, but we’re sure it is)
  • The dude was born colour blind!(Red and Green)
  • He’s a big James Bond fan (He should totally direct one)
  • Man hates CGI and purposefully avoids it as much as he can (that seems to be working for him), although he has eased up on CGI and streaming platforms in recent years
  • Bruh has British and American citizenship (and his younger brother Jonathan Nolan sounds super American)

So look, I decided that for my first post it was worth sharing some of the most stunning shots from Nolan’s films through the years. Okay so yeah, Christopher Nolan isn’t a DoP but it’s safe to say that he has a hand in the look of his films, as well as how they are shot.

Aside from working closely with his writers and producers (like his brother Jonathan Nolan) he also works closely with his cinematographer and long-tiome friend Wally Pfister, as well as Hoyte Van Hoytema more recently on Dunkirk. But that’s enough eaffling. enjoy the slide show below.

From Memento (2000)

Fun fact: The medical condition experienced by Leonard in this film is a real condition called Anterograde Amnesia.

From Dunkirk (2017)

Fun fact: Director Christopher Nolan rode in the Spitfire shown in the movie in order to get a sense of the aerial feel of the fighter plane.

From Interstellar (2014)

Fun fact: Steven Spielberg, who was attached to direct the film in 2006, and hired Jonathan Nolan to write the screenplay, chose other projects instead.

From Inception (2010)

Fun fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed all but one of his own stunts during the fight scene in the spinning hallway.

From The Dark Knight (2008)

Fun fact: This film made more money than the Batman Begins’ entire domestic run in only six days of release.

From The Prestige (2006)

Ricky Jay, who played a magician in the film, coached Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale in their sleight-of-hand techniques.

From Batman Begins (2005)

Fun fact: Christian Bale lost his voice three times during filming, after altering his voice while playing Batman.

Hope you enjoyed this celebration of the legend that is Christopher Nolan! What is your favourite Christopher Nolan film?

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