Celebrating Filmmaker Greta Gerwig

Last year, Greta Gerwig seemed to spring up out of nowhere, scoring 2 Oscar nominations for her film Lady Bird, one for Best Original Screenplay and the other for Best Achievement in Directing. But the truth is that she didn’t just come out of nowhere like a RKO. She’s been working s an actor and writer in the industry for some time, collaborating with big names in Hollywood, including Noah Baumbach and Woody Allen (the latter being a collaboration she now regrets).

Regardless, working closely with big name and up-and-coming filmmakers in independent cinema has helped her hone the skills to become the director she is today. There’s no doubt that her previous projects have enhanced her sensibilities of realism in how her characters act and interact in Lady Bird. Even though she’s been in front of the camera for most of her career to date, she’s also had a hand as a writer in earlier projects, and has had an indelible impact on her films whether she’s been in front of or behind the camera.

Greta Gerwig’s filmmaking career as a director may be very new, but it’s safe to say that she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

Here are some cool facts about Greta Gerwig:

  • She’s never officially attended film school, and learnt her craft from on-set observations as an actress and writer.
  • She wrote in detail about the 42 takes she did of one 28-second scene in Frances Ha (2012) in a N.Y. Times Magazine article titled ‘I Know I’m Doing the Scene Badly, But I Can’t Figure Out How to Do It Well’ [May 2013].
  • Greta Gerwig has German, Irish, English, and Cornish ancestry. One of her paternal great-grandmothers, Amelia Issac Rogers, was born in Brazil, to parents from Cornwall.
  • She’s very receptive to improvisation from her actors as long as the established dialogue informs the characterization’ and prefers not to rewrite dialogue.

From Lady Bird (2017)

Fun Fact: According to director Greta Gerwig, the first draft of her script was 350 pages long, which would equate to a movie nearly six hours long.

From Frances Ha (2012)

Fun fact: Frances’ parents are played by Greta Gerwig’s real-life parents, Gordon Gerwig & Christine Gerwig.

From Nights and Weekends (2008)

Fun fact: This is one of FIVE films, Greta Gerwig would star in in 2008.

From Mistress America (2015)

Fun fact: For the scene where actresses Greta Gerwig & Lola Kirke are looking through a closet, director Noah Baumbach did 55 takes.

Hope you enjoyed this celebration of this legend in the making! What is your favourite Greta Gerwig film?

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