Review: Happiest Season

Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart isn’t exactly the first person one thinks of when it comes to the holidays. However, she’s also never been one to follow what is expected of her. Starring as Abby in Happiest Season, Stewart plays her role perfectly amongst a stellar supporting cast.

Plot overview

 Abby is taking her girlfriend home to meet her parents and hopes to propose to her on their Christmas trip. That sounds cute, doesn’t it? There’s just one tiny catch: Abby’s girlfriend Harper (played by Mackenzie Davis) hasn’t yet come out to her uptight family and wants Abby to pretend they’re just friends. Abby agrees to Harper’s wishes, despite her best friend John (played by fan favourite Dan Levy) advising her against it.

For five days, Abby dodges prying questions about her love life and goes along with the charade, all for the sake of her sweetheart.

The cast

 Happiest Season wasn’t nearly as hyped up as other Christmas movies are in terms of advertising – and it didn’t need to be. The cast is made up of that very unique clique of Hollywood stars who somehow shy away from the spotlight but also live for it. Their social media accounts are where they get their validation from. It’s where they interact with their fans, engage with them and share news with them, far away from a red carpet surrounded by screaming, adoring fans and generous waves of applause.

Kristen Stewart, Alison Brie, Dan Levy, CleaDuVall, Aubrey Plaza and Victor Garber are just some of the names on this film’s cast list, and each one of them stands their own ground. The movie is perfectly framed by their acting, and it is the awkward moments in the film, coupled with the cast’s fantastic comedic timing, that makes Happiest Season well worth a watch. They seem to elevate an already-good script and are able to get viewers feeling festive just a few minutes into it.


 Is The Happiest Season telling us an unpredictable tale that we’ve never seen before? No. Is it worth the watch? Absolutely yes! The film tackles a few issues that we as a ‘woke’ society have yet to own up to while at the same time, filling viewers will all the warm, fuzzy feelings they could ever hope for from a festive family movie.

The ending is predictable, but it’s a bit of a ride to get there, and that’s how we like our Christmas movies to be. It’s why we watch them over and over again. The Happiest Season is satisfying in that way. What’s more is that it does not necessarily villainise any character, which is a welcome change after the fire that 2020 threw at all of us. Like the best games to play, the movie makes for a great escape from all of that and delivers on everything it promised too: laughs, a brilliant cast and that festive feeling we all crave and love.

Watch this one with plenty of popcorn, chocolate and wine, your loved ones and a few tissues on hand. You’re going to need them.


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