Best Holiday Season Films Of All Time

You know it’s the holiday season when a friend invites you over to watch Home Alone. What is Christmas, after all, if not a time to settle in, sip something sweet, and enjoy a movie that celebrates everything there is to love about the holidays.

Here are some holiday classics that have endured, become favourites, and are still enjoyed by millions to this very day.

Home Alone – 1990

We already mentioned it, and here it is again. Home Alone is one of the most celebrated Christmas classics of all time, and many still consider it to be the ultimate holiday season movie. Which is somewhat strange, when you really think about it, since there is hardly anything in Home Alone that even mentions Christmas.

True enough, it was never originally meant to be a Christmas movie at all. In fact, the holiday season wallpaper was more or less added as an afterthought. That doesn’t stop it from being a brilliantly enjoyable film, and it is amazing how well it still holds up after all these years.

Die Hard – 1988

Yes, it is even less of an actual Christmas movie than Home Alone, but boy what an excellent flick it is regardless. There is only the merest mention of the holidays in this action packed, bullet riddled classic, but most still consider it a holiday movie regardless.

In reality, Die Hard is just a damn good action gem, held together by a believable protagonist, grounded action, and excellent script.

Try comparing this to some of the more recent ridiculous entries into the franchise, and despair at how much of the original feel was lost.

The Grinch – 2018

A more recent entry, a real Christmas movie, and a delight from start to finish. The Grinch isn’t exactly a new story, with many adaptations over the years, but this adaption is a favourite for many. It is charming, silly, and manages to hit all the right notes.

It helps that Benedict Cumberbatch was brought in to voice the titular green mischief maker, adding more than a touch of class to the proceedings.

Gremlins – 1984

Is any list of Christmas classics complete without mention of this absolutely delightful classic from 1984? Yes, it also stretches what it means to be a Christmas film, but take one look into the great big eyes of Gizmo and tell us you’re not charmed.

On the other hand, there are more than a few tense horror moments sprinkled in, plus even a few satirical jabs at the holiday season itself. Either way, Gremlins is still largely celebrated as a holiday season classic, and it more than makes up for the horror with a tsunami of silly, slapstick hilarity in the last quarter.

It’s A Wonderful Life – 1946

A suicidal man is taught the true beauty of life by a visiting angel in this absolutely charming classic from 1946. This is just about as truly heart-warming a festive season movie as could be asked for, somehow managing to be all the more delightful with each passing year.

All in all, It’s A Wonderful Life sums up everything that the human race celebrates about December. Family, forgiveness, and appreciating what you have. If you see just a single film this season, make it this one. Maybe sneak in Die Hard afterwards.


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