Take A Look At Netflix’s Best New Releases For 2021


Netflix has long been ahead of its competitors when it comes to streaming services. In recent years, the platform has produced some excellent content for its viewers to enjoy right from the comfort of their own homes.

Now, as we find ourselves still battling to emerge from COVID-19-related lockdowns, many of us have never appreciated streaming services more. Netflix’s catalogue is quite an impressive one – one that was previously built on content produced by major production studios but is now moving more towards content that it produces itself.

Now, as we slowly move into the new year, the platform has promised to deliver new movies every week, many of which have been produced by Netflix teams across the world. 2021 is already off to a good start, as we have seen some great original Netflix movies become available, as well as some older classics that we can enjoy. Let’s take a look at the best new additions to Netflix in January of 2021.

Pieces of a Woman 

Hot on the heels of some disturbing allegations pertaining to Shia LeBeouf comes Pieces of a Woman, which stars the troubled actor. However, the effort and performances put into this film by his female cast mates should not be overshadowed by any means.

LeBeouf removed, Vanessa Kirby and Molly Parker both deliver excellent performances in this film. The story itself is quite a lot to digest at once – but that’s the beauty of streaming services. You can watch it all in one go or pause it when necessary. This story is a difficult one, but it is one that certainly makes an impact and stays with you. Critics have lauded Kirby’s emotional performance as “shattering” and one of her best to date.

Penguin Bloom 

In 2011, many critics recommended that the dog who played Uggie in The Artist be considered for an Academy Award – and they weren’t joking either. Now, a full decade later, there may well be another campaign for a non-human actor to win a golden statue. The almost druid-like ethereal birds that star in Glendyn Ivin’s dramatic retelling of a real-life story are something to behold. They really do provide an excellent, almost untouchable layer of emotional depth to Penguin Bloom.

Of course, this doesn’t diminish the efforts of human actors like Naomi Watts, who also delivers another incredible performance in this movie. This story is centred around some of our most complex emotions including grief and resilience.


By no means is Superbad a new release, in fact, it’s been around awhile, just like the best online gambling casino sites. It was first released in 2007 and ever since then, has been on an almost constant loop of reruns on the likes of MTV and Comedy Central.

However, now that the movie is officially on Netflix, it means that viewers can finally enjoy it without the interruption of pesky ad breaks.Superbad is actually an excellent comedy that although slapstick at times, provides an enduringly funny modern classic that encapsulates everything that has made Judd Apatow the powerhouse that he is today.


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