The New Venom Trailer has Arrived – With Better CG

Venom Trailer 2 - Tom Hardy - Riz Ahmed

5 Months ago we got a bit of a nothing teaser for Venom… like what was that even? Then 3 months ago we got a more fully-fledged trailer, this time with an actual look at Tom Hardy as Venom. But a lot of that still felt a bit rough. Now we’ve got our 3rd look, in the form of the 2nd full trailer for the upcoming Venom film by Sony, starring Tom hardy. Check it out…

I can definitely say that it looks a lot better (although I’m still not feeling some of the CGI overall). The most exciting part though is that the character seems to have depth, and also bring levity to the situation, especially when he’s about to eat people. That’s some dark but awesome shit!

Anyway, in case you missed the previous trailer and the initial teaser for Venom, here they are to help you catch up in one place:

Trailer #1:


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